Lotus Elite Technical

Technical articles on the Lotus Elite Type 14. 


Lotus by the Numbers

Written by Clark Lance.

Lotus by the Numbers - Compiled by Clark Lance

"1.   Austin 7 based trials car with plywood body. (1947)

 2.   Ford 10 based trials cars. (1949)

 3.   Austin 7 based racing car for 750 Formula. (1951)

 4.   First space frame car. Mark 6 prototype (1952)"

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New Lotus Cheshunt Factory, 1960 Visit

Written by Club Elite of Great Britian May 1971, Club Elite North America Newsletter.

Looking at Lotus - Lotus Cheshunt Factory 1960 Visit- "A visit to the new Lotus Factory at Cheshunt in 1960.  Just over a year ago, the Lotus factory moved, lock, stock and barrel, from its terribly cramped quarters in Hornsey, to a more spacious factory on a trading estate in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, and it was with the idea of assessing the growth of this small manufacturer that we visited Cheshunt recently."


ZF Gearbox Lubricant

Written by Club Elite North America Newsletter.

ZF Gearbox Lubricant - "Upon seeing a ZF gearbox lubricant chart recently, I noticed the chart showed all ZF's to take SAE 80 weight oil.  The Elite shop manual states that a 40 or 50 weight should be used.  Therefore, I wrote to the ZF Company regarding this question, and their good mannered reply was rather humerous - "Normally we recommend for gearbox type S4-12 an SAE 80 weight oil, but, of course, if Messrs Lotus recommend in their shop manual SAE 40, or SAE 50, we have no objection to make.  In any case, SAE 80 seemed to us, according to our experience, the most suitable lubricant"... (But don't pay any attention to us, we just make the gearbox! - BH)."


FEW Climax Distributor Vacuum Advance

Written by Clube Elite North America Newsletter.

Distributor Vacuum Advance - "For those of you who might question the accuracy of your distributor vacuum advance, the vacuum curve to have your advance set to on the FWE Climax is as follows:"


Twin Cam

Written by Club Elite North America Newsletter, Sports Car Illustrated.

Twin Cam - "What is so spectal about Elites?  They went out two models ago, you'll say. And you'll be right.  But there's something special about Elites: they're coming back.  But not in their old form. They're coming back revamped and re-engined and CAR has scooped the pool with the first ever test of the works prototype."