Lotus Elite Technical

Technical articles on the Lotus Elite Type 14. 


Walter Hassan - Chief Designer at Coventry-Climax

Written by Autosport May 1971, Club Elite North America Newsletter.

Mr. Walter Hassan, Chief Designer by Coventry-Climax - "I was  was offered the post of Chief Designer by Coventry-Climax and I accepted. I went there and expanded the design team to include Harry Mundy, who I'd known for years even then. We worked first on forklift trucks to cure some transmission troubles; then Climax obtained a Home Office fire pump contract. It was during the Korean Hater and Civil Defence was a big thing, and they wanted a pump double the power of existing ones for half the weight. They wanted a prototype running within a year, fully developed and reliable.


Weber Tuning Notes

Written by Club Elite North America Newsletter.

Weber Tuning Notes - "As both the Elan and Cortina-Lotus have twin Weber carburettors, it wil no doubt save a great deal of time and trouble for a limited number of people to understand the adjustment method to secure correct synchronisation in service. This instruction must also be given some prominence in the Service Manual."


FWA Climax Stage III

Written by Sports Car Illustrated June 1960, Club Elite North America.

Climax Stage III - "The FWA Climax 1097 cc single overhead cam engine has long been the dominant power unit in international class G racing. These engines have been used in Lola, Lotus and Elva cars, and have more than proven themselves to be extremely reliable and among the least expensive units to maintain in high performance racing tune."


Lotus Elite - "Lov I"

Written by Autosport February 1961, Club Elite North America Newsletter.

The Lotus Elite "LOV I"- "Last May, Autosport tested a standard Lotus Elite which was submitted by the manufacturers. Good though the performance of this car was, it obviously bore no relationship to the urge displayed by the ones that are raced by "the boys", Therefore, to complete the Lotus picture, I have recently borrowed the most successful racing Elite in the country."


Hobbs' Mecha-Matic Automatic Transmission

Written by Motor Sport December 1962, Club Elite Newsletter.

Lotus Elite Mecha-Matic Transmission - "Some competition cars which are outwardly similar to others in their class win far more races than their competitors.  This is very often due to the car having a superior driver or a more powerful engine, or better "sorted" handling, but very rarely is the success of the car attributed in part to its gearbox.  When the gearbox is an automatic one, then the chances of success appear to be remote indeed, however good the driver or the car may be.  In the case of David Hobbs and his Lotus Elite fitted with the Hobbs Mecha-Matic automatic transmission one can merely let the results speak for themselves. Apart from success in International competition during 1961 and 1962, he has won numerous Club and National events, including a run of 14 successive wins during 1961."