New Lotus Cheshunt Factory, 1960 Visit

Written by Club Elite of Great Britian May 1971, Club Elite North America Newsletter.

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Looking at Lotus - Lotus Cheshunt Factory 1960 Visit- "A visit to the new Lotus Factory at Cheshunt in 1960.  Just over a year ago, the Lotus factory moved, lock, stock and barrel, from its terribly cramped quarters in Hornsey, to a more spacious factory on a trading estate in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, and it was with the idea of assessing the growth of this small manufacturer that we visited Cheshunt recently."

Complete article published in Club Elite North America Vol. 1 No. 12 as reprint from Club Elite of Great Brtian Newsletter May 1971.  (Copyright and all rights reserved for the newsletters and their content, Club Elite Great Britian, Club Elite North America.)