ZF Gearbox Lubricant

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ZF Gearbox Lubricant - "Upon seeing a ZF gearbox lubricant chart recently, I noticed the chart showed all ZF's to take SAE 80 weight oil.  The Elite shop manual states that a 40 or 50 weight should be used.  Therefore, I wrote to the ZF Company regarding this question, and their good mannered reply was rather humerous - "Normally we recommend for gearbox type S4-12 an SAE 80 weight oil, but, of course, if Messrs Lotus recommend in their shop manual SAE 40, or SAE 50, we have no objection to make.  In any case, SAE 80 seemed to us, according to our experience, the most suitable lubricant"... (But don't pay any attention to us, we just make the gearbox! - BH)."

Complete article published in Club Elite North America Vol. 1 No. 11.  (Copyright and all rights reserved for the newsletters and their content, Club Elite North America.)

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Posted: 5 years 9 months ago by McCoy #139
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ZF recommends 80 weight gear lube, Lotus recommends 40 weight engine oil. The weights of the two oils are virtually the same. 80 weight gear lube is not twice the weight of 40 weight engine oil; they are close enough to be identical.
If you follow ZF Spec TE-ML 02, you will find that Castrol EP80W meets that spec.