Elite Steering Wheel

Written by Dennis Ortenburger.

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The Elite Steering Wheel - "Peter Cambridge told the story of how the Elite steering wheel came to be. It seems that during the design phase of the Elite when all the principles gathered at Chapman’s house for discussions and sketching ideas Chapman suggested a steering wheel similar to the one used in the Standard Eight sedan. This was a banjo affair common to that period. Cambridge recalled his reaction was a loud protest that the Elite deserved a wheel befitting its exclusivity. “Like the Nardi hanging in your hallway.” Quite why Colin Chapman had a Nardi hanging in his hallway was never explained but it was that steering wheel that the group decided on for the Elite. Copied by an English firm of course. The steering wheel pictured on the Ortenburger Morris Minor."

Complete article published in Dennis Ortenburger's Lotus Elite Journal Vol.4 No.4 (Copyright and all rights reserved for the newsletters and their content, Dennis Ortenburger.)