Lotus Elite Technical

Technical articles on the Lotus Elite Type 14. 


Front Set-up

Written by Mike Ostrov.

Front Set-Up
Mike Ostrov, Club Elite Newsletter, August 2004

I have some photos here to provide further advice on how the front suspension on the Elite shoud be set up.


Quieting the Elite - Sporting Motorist, May 1962

Written by Sporting Motorist, May 1962.

Quieting the Elite
Sporting Motorist, May 1962

In the March article on my Lotus I mentioned that we were investigating ways and means of eliminating or reducing some of the more unpleasant noises to be heard inside the otherwise excellent cockpit of the Elite we recently assembled from one of Cheshunt's kits.



Comparing the Lotus Elite and Elan

Written by Club Elite North America Newsletter.

Comparing the Lotus Elite and Elan - "The following is an article from Car Magazine, January 1966 issue.  It compares the design, development and components of the Elite with the Elan. For this article they used a Lotus Elite that had bean stored since the end of the production run and compared it with two Elans - a roadster and a coupe." 


NACA Duct Tech Note 2323

Written by NACA, Alvin H Sacks and John R Spreiter.


National Advisory Committee for Aerodynamics (NACA)
Technical Note 2323
"Theoretical Investigations of Submerged Inlets at Low Speeds"
By Alvin H Sacks and John R Spreiter


The general characteristics of the flow field in a submerged air inlet are investigated by theoretical, wind-tunnel, and visual-flow studies.

Equations are developed for calculating the laminar and turbulent boundary-layer growth along the ramp floor for parallel, divergent, and convergent ramp walls, and a general equation is derived relating the boundary-layer pressure losses to the boundary-layer thickness.  It is demonstrated that the growth of the boundary layer on the floor of the divergent-ramp inlet is retarded and that a vortex pair is generated in such an inlet.  Functional relationships are established between the pressure losses in the vortices and the geometry of the inlet. 

A general discussion of the boundary layer and vortex formations is included, in which variations of the various losses and of the incremental external  drag with mass-flow ratio are considered.  Effects of compressibility are also discussed.

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Coventry Climax Industrial Water Pump Engine

Written by Club Elite North America Newsletter.

Coventry Climax Industrial Water Pump Engine- "As you all know the FWE engine is derived from a water pump engine and we are often asked what is the difference between this and the automobile engine. The English Club published an explanation of this difference and we copy it below."