Elites at LOG 27 - Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado, USA August 23-27, 2007

Written by Don Trumpy.

Dick Shearer, David Barnett, Kevin McGovern, Don Trumpy, Rodger Morgan, Jim Goodman, Dennis Ortenburger

LOG 27 was held at Snowmass, Colorado, a ski resort not far from Aspen, CO. Along with the usual selection of Lotus cars there were 5 Elites. Several other Elite owners attended the LOG without their cars and some others stopped by the Concourse to see the cars and chat.

aspen snowmass

Kevin McGovern, his son Sean and I transported our Elites and Kevin’s Catterham to Colorado in Kevin’s transporter. Iron man Kevin drove the whole way, 36 hours of driving over 2 ½ day each way. Although boring at time, we all agreed the trip was well worth it. We got to see a lot of the country we had never seen before and the scenery in Colorado was spectacular.



    David Barnett Elite draws a crowd.  Dave is second from right.

The Concourse was held on the parking lot of one of the ski venues. Aside from Kevin and I, David Barnett brought his nice yellow elite up from Arizona and both Ross Robbins and David Shearer had their Elites there from the local area.    



Ross Robbins changes fouled plugs and this car lives up here at high altitude!  

Perennial attendee Jim Goodman was there adding to the color commentary, as was Dennis Ortenberger.

David Lambert stopped by with his son to tell us about the latest saga of his Buick, soon to be Chevy small block powered Elite. 

New owner Andy Katz from Denver came by and related the story of his nation wide hunt for an Elite only to find it less than 5 minutes from his house.

And of course Foster Cooperstien and  David  Kayser were there providing us with literature to buy. 

We couldn’t have had a better day and to top it off Kevin McGovern’s Elite won Best in Show.

Most absorbing (kind description) was Rodger Morgan, Elite owner up from Australia.


Tess and Roger Morgan

He and wife Tess (very patient) were on a round the world trip and fresh from Silverstone. They entertained us through the Saturday concourse, diner Saturday and diner Sunday and a bit on Monday. It was truly a pleasure having them at the LOG.  

P1010164 Emmo

Emerson Fitipaldi

And then there was Emerson Fitipaldi. As an honored guest he was only obligated for an autograph session, to speak at the diners and to drive the Lotus 72 around the track a few times on track day. He did much more. He was at every event, always accessible, as if he were just one of the guys, a truly remarkable and gracious gentleman.


Kevin McGovern with Catterham and Don Trumpy Elite on the way to 12,000 feet



#1354 at Independence Pass, 12,000 feet

On Sunday morning we drove to the top of Independence Pass at 12,000 feet, Kevin and Sean in their Catterham and me in my Elite.  Seems like a cool drive!! - Ed.


Typical Colorado mountain roads


The road was narrow and winding and quite a pleasure to drive. The Elite perform perfectly; it seemed to like the slightly richer mixture that high altitude provides. On the way down we had a brief hail/rain storm and Kevin and Sean got a bit of a soaking but by the time we reached Aspen for lunch they had dried out.

 Put together the excellent preparation of the LOG, the wonderful scenery and the really good company and I believe this was the best LOG I have attended.

 Don Trumpy, Elite #1354,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Maryland, USA

Copyright 2007 Don Trumpy