Lotus Elite - Gran Turismo Coupe

Written by The Autocar, 18 October 1957.

Lotus Elite - Gran Turismo Coupe, The Autocar, 18 October 1957

It was to be expected that when Coling Chapman decided to graduat from the rather special sports-racing car field and produce a true passenger car, he would evolve a very original design.


Albert Adams, Lotus Composite Man - Thoroughbred and Classic Cars, October 1992

Written by Thoroughbred and Classic Cars, October 1992.

Lotus Composite Man
Allbert Adams as told to Mike Taylor, Thoroughbred and Classic Cars, October 1992

Albert Adams has been in a Lotus employee for 35 years.  Clearly well-liked and respected among his peers, he began his career in the dim, dark days when Lotus was busily engaged in shaping its first road car, the legendary Elite, working in a cold, damp workshop close to the company's Tottenham Lane headquarters.  Today, Albert is Associate Director Composites for Lotus Engineering.  "We don't call it glassfibre or GRP anymore," he says with a laugh.


Lotus Elite Road Test - Sports Car Illustrated, June 1960

Written by Sports Cars Illustrated June 1960.

Lotus Elite Road Test
David Phipps, Sports Cars Illustrated, June 1960

Lotus Elites had an enviable competition record in 1959, and one of the most successful cars in European events was Peter Lumsden's which won the 1300 cc GT class in Nurburgrin 1000 km race and the 1500 cc class at Le Mans - all during the owner's annual vacation. 


Building an Elite - An Elite in the Family - Sporting Motorist, January 1962

Written by Sporting Motorist, January 1962.

Building an Elite - An Elite in the Family
Bill Dale-Otis, Sporting Motorist, January 1962

Ever since I saw my first Elite something over three years ago I have always regarded it as one of the prettiest small cars ever made.  The crips, unadorned perfection of its lines, the graceful front with its ingeniously accomodated number plate; the amazing lowness of the car, the whole happy air of being beautiful and functional, the two so intertwined it is almost impossible to say where one ends and the next begins.


The Lotus Elite - Road & Track, April 1963

Written by Road & Track.

The Lotus Elite
Road & Track, April 1963

Longtime readers or Road & Track will need no introduction to the Lotus Elite, but for those who are not familiar with the model, a few words of explanation are in order.