Club Elite North America Newsletter

Written by Mike Ostrov, Don Christopher.

Now in its 41st year, the newsletter was originally a paper-based publication written by members of Bill and Barbara Hutton's Club Elite North America (AKA Club Elite USA, Club Elite) between 1971 and 2004.  Drafts were created using typewriters, photographs, tape and photocopiers; eventually evolving to early word processors and printers.  Issues were hand-packaged into envelopes, postage stamps applied, then taken in large boxes to the post office for mailing to memebrs.

During the 1990's, Club Elite North America and Club Elite UK also colloborated on combined issues of the Club Elite International Newsletter.  The quality of the content and printing had evolved significantly, but issues still had to be put in envelopes and mailed to a large number of members. 

The newsletter became the digital-only, email-only Club Elite Newsletter under Greg Paris (Editor) and Mike Ostrov (Secretary) in 2005.  It curently has over 800 subsribers, mostly current former Elite owners.  For more information, contact the current editor, Don Christopher, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  (Copyright and all rights reserved for the newsletters and their content, Club Elite North America, Club Elite USA, Club Elite.)


Volume 45 (2016):           No.47 
Volume 44 (2015):           No.43  No.44  No.45  No.46
Volume 43 (2014):           No.39  No.40  No.41  No.42
Volume 42 (2013):           No.35  No.36  No.37  No.38
Volume 41 (2012):           No.32  No.33  No.34
Volume 40 (2011):           No.29  No.30  No.31
Volume 39 (2010):           No.25  No.26  No.27  No.28
Volume 38 (2009):           No.21  No.22  No.23  No.24
Volume 37 (2008):           No.17  No.18  No.19  No.19E  No.20A
Volume 36 (2007):           No.10  No.10E  No.11  No.12  No.12E  No.14  No.15  No.16
Volume 35 (2006):           No.2  No.3  No.4  No.5  No.5S  No.6  No.6S  No.7  No.7S  No.8  No.9  No.9A
Volume 34 (2005):           No.1  No.1E  No.1S
Volume 33 (2004):           August
Volume 32 (2003):           October
Volume 31 (2002):           Summer Fall Winter
Volume 30 (2001):           WinterSpring SummerFall30thAnniversary
Volume 29 (2000):           NewYear SummerFall
Volume 28 (1999):           NewYear Fall
Volume 27 (1998):           Summer
Volume 26 (1997):
Volume 25 (1996):           Fall
Volume 24 (1995):           Annual
Volume 23 (1994):
Volume 22 (1993):           Sometime Spring
Volume 21 (1992):           Summer Fall
Volume 20 (1991):           Spring LateFallAlmostWinter
Volume 19 (1990):           Spring Fall
Volume 18 (1989):           Summer Fall
Volume 17 (1988):           No.1
Volume 16 (1987):
Volume 15 (1986):           No.1  No.2  No.3
Volume 14 (1984):           No.1  No.2 
Volume 13 (1983):           January  Fall  No.3  ChristmasFolder  No.4
Volume 12 (1982):           Autumn  October   
Volume 11 (1981):           October  Winter
Volume 10 (1980-1981):   Spring  July  September  Winter  January  Spring  June  August 
Volume 9   (1979-1980):   Spring  August  September  Fall  Winter  
Volume 8   (1978-1979):   Spring  Summer  September  Fall  Christmas  May
Volume 7   (1977-1978):   Spring  June  Summer  Fall  Christmas  January  February  
Volume 6   (1976-1977):   No.1-2   No.3  No.4  No.5-6  No.7 No.8-9  No.10-11  No.12
Volume 5   (1975-1976):   No.1-2  No.3  No.4  No.5  No.6 No.7 No.8-9  No.10  No.11  No.12
Volume 4   (1974-1975):   No.1  No.2  No.3  No.4  No.5-6  No.7  No.8-9  No.10  No.11  No.12
Volume 3   (1973-1974):   No.1  No.2 No.3-4 No.5  No.6  No.7  No.8-9  No.10 No.11  No.12
Volume 2   (1972-1973):   No.1  No.2  No.3  No.4  No.5  No.6  No.7  No.8-9  No.10  No.11  No.12
Volume 1   (1971-1972):   No.1  No.2  No.3  No.4  No.5  No.6  No.7  No.8 No.9-10  No.11  No.12  No.13
Volume 0   (1971):           No.1  No.2

We are indebted to the clubs and authors for providing these resources to the greater Elite community.